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Eclipse can't work out the arguments because it can't find the source or javadoc attachments.

Make sure your source is attached.

To check, click on the method call readXXX and press F3 which should open the method declaration. If the source is not attached, Eclipse will say "Source not found" and will allow you to "Attach Source...".


This link helped me to solve this problem.

1) Right click on your android.jar and select Properties.

enter image description here

2) Select Java Source Attachment. Enter the source directory location (you can also use External Folder… to browse to the directory) and click on “Apply“.

enter image description here

The code names match the following version numbers, along with API levels and NDK releases provided for convenience:

enter image description here


for those like me who tried to apply one of our colleagues suggestions and unfortunately hasn't worked, please, give a try to check the option "Add variable attributes to generated class files (used by the debugger)" within Window -> Preferences -> Java + Compiler.

Once you've done that, try to build the project again.



I solved this by going to preferences
Java / Content Assist
On this page under "Sorting and Filtering" I unchecked "Hide proposals not visible in the invocation context" now instead of seeing (arg0, arg1, arg2) etc in autocomplete I see (catalog, schemaPattern, tableNamePattern...)
I am using Spring Tools Suite 3.7.2 which runs on the Eclipse Mars 4.5.1 platform.


The problem is that your class files lacks debug information embedded in them. JDT doesn't reparse the source files or the javadoc for dependencies, when building the AST for your project, so it doesn't have idea what the name of the parameter is, even when you are able to open the class and clearly see what are the method names.

In order to correct this, you need to recompile your class files with debug information enabled, which makes the class file considerably larger, but unless you are developing for memory-constraint devices, you should be fine.


Anyone having the same issue, try performing a Project > Clean, this will delete the old class files, and Eclipse will recompile them in debug mode this time. Worked for me in Indigo 3.7.2

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