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It shouldn't be at the project root, but directly under the source folder.

At runtime, the persistence.xml file is searched in the classpath, under META-INF. So if you want the META-INF folder to be put at the top of the compiled package tree, you need to put it at the top of the source tree. Eclipse copies every non-Java file to its output directory (bin, by default), respecting the package/folder hierarchy.


If you are using Eclipse, right-click on 'src' folder, choose 'Build Path', then 'Use as Source Folder'


It should be under src/main/resources directory,

The full path will be /src/main/resources/META-INF/persistence.xml

After creating the META-INF folder under resources directory and having a persistence.xml file loads the entityMangerFactory bean properly,

<property name="persistenceXmlLocation" value="classpath:META-INF/persistence.xml" />

The above line reads the path correctly.


Basically it has to be in your classpath(under /META-INF/). You can manually enable it in eclipse by configuring properties. If your project is maven based, then it should be automatically picked from /src/main/resources/META-INF/ folder (provided entities are under the same hood).

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