As of Eclipse Neon (May 2016), Supports for Node.js comes as part of the JSDT.

The only prereqs are the installation of Node.js and npm.


I would recommend Aptana Studio (

It's quite complete for javascript development besides it doesn't have node.js "direct support

It can be installed both as a standalone application or an Eclipse Plugin.

I've been using it for server and client development and works great for both.


Try Microsoft WebMatrix 2

It is free and has intellisense.


What I have tried

  • VJET contains lot a bugs (in coloration, auto-competition ...). Could be better after a few updates. Node.js support is quite not up to date.
  • Eclipse Web Tools does no support node functions
  • NodeClipse
  • Netbeans have a NodeJS plugin. Looks quite complete.

The chrome dev tools is just a debugger (and some chrome related utilities), not a fully usable IDE.

So far I would strongly not to use Eclipse for node.js project.

I'm using Sublime Text 2 for a while, and I'm very happy with it (And it has a node.js plugin).


There is effort. Current version is 0.16 update site is

When you want to help in any way, start by raising issue


  • Creating default structure for New Node Project and New Node Source File
  • Generating Express project with Wizard
  • JavaScript Syntax highlighting
  • Bracket matching and marking selection occurences with background color
  • Content Assistant within one file
  • Go to definition with Ctrl+click when JSDoc is used
  • Refactoring within one file (Alt+Shift+R)
  • JSON files highlight and validation
  • NPM support
  • Debugging - Breakpoint, Trace, Variables, Expressions, etc... via Eclipse debugger plugin for V8
  • Setting project properties for JSHint-Eclipse automatically; JSHint settings template
  • Passing arguments to Node application and Node.js, specifying environment variables values to use
  • Running CoffeeScript *.coffee files
  • Running *.js files with PhantomJS, MongoDB Shell or Java 8 Nashorn jjs util
  • Bundled together with Markdown Editor, GitHub Flavored Markdown, StartExplorer (for system explorer and shell), RegEx, Icon Editor, MongoDB, RestClient Tool and other plugins (20+ in total, check update site and Nodeclispe Plugin List)
  • Support for Eclipse Juno, Kepler, Luna M3


Read for more & latest information.

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