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Seems your settings.xml file is missing your .m2 (local maven repo) folder.

When using eclipse navigate to Window -> Preferences -> Maven -> User Settings -> Browse to your settings.xml and click apply.

Then do maven Update Project.

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I had exactly the same error. My network is an internal one of a company. I downloaded neon-eclipse for java developpers. These steps worked for me:

1- I downloaded a VPN client on my PC to be totally blinded from the network. Shellfire I used. Use free account and connect to Shellserver.

2- Inside the windows firewall, I added incoming rule for Eclipse. Navigate to where eclipse exe is found.

3- Perform Maven Update project.

Then the project was able to fetch from the maven repository.

hope it helps.


Tried everything. I deleted m2e and installed m2e version 2.7.0. Then deleted the .m2 directory and force updated maven. It worked!


This fixed the same issue for me: My eclipse is installed in /usr/local/bin/eclipse

1) Changed permission for eclipse from root to owner: sudo chown -R $USER eclipse

2) Right click on project/Maven right click on Update Maven select Force update maven project


Right click on your project under Package Explorer > Maven > Update Project > Select the checkbox that reads "Force updates of Snapshot/Releases" > Click on OK

This way you don't have to search around for your maven's settings.xml and if the cause is something else eclipse will automatically handle it whatever it may be. Expected path for user settings XML is shown by eclipse under: Window > Preferences > Maven > User Settings > User Settings (it is most likely, greyed out).


What worked for me was:

mvn -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2 install


I faced the same issue and resolved by deleting the project that i created and then deleted the M2 folder in the local.


I had exactly the same error. My network is an internal one of a company. The proxy has been disabled from the IT team so for that we do not have to enable any proxy settings. I have commented the proxy setting in settings.xml file from the below mentioned locations C:\Users\vijay.singh.m2\settings.xml This fixed the same issue for me


This issue is happening due to change of protocol from http to https for central repository. please refer following link for more details. 

In order to fix the problem, copy following into your file. This will set the repository url to use https.

            <name>Central Repository</name>
            <name>Central Repository</name>


Step 1 : Check the proxy configured in eclipse is correct or not ? (Window->Preferences->General->Network Connections).

Step 2 : Right Click on Project-> Go to Maven -> Update the project

Step 3: Run as Maven Install.

==== By Following these steps, i am able to solve this error.


I have faced the same issue. Try declaring missing plugin in the conf/settings.xml.



If a download fails for some reason Maven will not try to download it within a certain time frame (it leaves a file with a timestamp).

To fix this you can either

  • Clear (parts of) your .m2 repo
  • Run maven with -U to force an update


On windows:

  1. Remove folder from C:\Users\USER.m2
  2. Close and open the project or force a change on file: pom.xml for saving :)


Right Click on Project go to -> Maven -> Update project ->select Force update project check box and click on Finish.

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