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The little arrow at the top-right side of the Taks view display a menu with the 'Preferences' item.

In the 'Preferences' dialog , you can define:

Limit visible items per group to:

And enter a value greater than 100.
Here is an illustration, with the mandatory hand-made circle (quite ugly in this case):

limit markers

As mentioned below, for Eclipse 4+, this has changed.
4.5 (mars) and 4.6 (Neon) actually have a "Use item limit" field.



Click the View menu in the Tasks window (the little downwards-pointing triangle) and click Preferences. There's a "Limit visible items per group to:" field that has a default value of 100.


In Eclipse Neon , it is changed to

Title bar of tasks view->Downward arrow -> Configure Contents -> Use Item Limits

It is set to 100 by default, either change it to any number you want , or uncheck the Use Item Limits box, to see all the issues/tasks .

caveat: It has to done for every window , as I am not sure how to do it globally.


In the title bar of the tasks view, there is a downward arrow (right to the left of the closing X). It opens a dropdown menu that has a "Properties" entry, which allows you to specify how many tasks to show.


In Eclipse Version: 4.2.2 There is no preferences or properties. You must click the arrow and go to "Configure Contents" Then change the field that says "Number of items visible per group: " in the bottom right side of the dialog box.

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