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I do similar as Aravind but I do it on the general settings: Preferences > Validation. Here I deselect all 'Build' checkboxes but leave the 'Manual' select for when I want to manually validate a JSP, XML, ... .


Instead of disabling your validations, which is a good aspect in eclipse.

Just select the whole code cut and paste it back on the same page, All the reds will vanish automatically. If the reds are still present, that means there is some problem in the code which you are writing.

Validations generally help you alot in eclipse, the jsp's can sometimes be an issue regarding these validations.


Right-click on the JSP file > Properties Select the "Derived" checkbox.


I usually do the following - Right click project - properties -Validation -->Configure settings link on validation frame - Disable all .Also Right click project - properties -Validation --> JSP Syntax - Uncheck project specific settings .


I'm using sts-2.5.0.RELEASE (based on Eclipse 3.6) and I solved the problem unchecking these properties:

Preferences > Validation > JSP Content Validator (uncheck manual & build)

Preferences > Validation > JSP Syntax Validator (uncheck manual & build)


@Stijn's answer works great, but it disables all validation for JSPs. Sometimes, that validation can be very useful to point out where you've got errors.

If you still want to have your normal JSPs validated, just not your JSPFs (JSP fragments), follow these steps:

  1. Open Window > Preferences from the menu.
  2. Navigate to Web > JSP Files > Validation.
  3. Uncheck the "Validate JSP fragments" checkbox.

This is one of the first things I do with web projects that use JSPs in a new Eclipse installation. I've just confirmed in the JEE version of Eclipse Mars, but I'm pretty sure it'll work pretty much the same way in older versions as well, going back to around 3.2. Your JSPs should still get validated, but the validator should leave your JSPFs alone... obviously, your fragments must use the .jspf extension for this to work.

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