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The project folder contains a file called .project. In your cloned project, open that file with any text editor and look for the project name:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- more stuff here -->

Change the content of the name element to LeadoMat_Ver2. You should now be able to import the project into Eclipse.


Right Click and choose Copy (to copy project that you want to clone) Right Click on blank area on Package Explorer tab choose Paste Input project name wait and you have a new one


The simplest approach would probably be to do the copying right in eclipse:

Right Click your Project -> Copy
Right Click in the Project Explorer -> Paste



Eclipse will then automatically prompt you to enter a new name for the clone. Then you'll have a full copy of your project with the new name.

The reason why eclipse thinks that it is the same project, is because you also clone the .project-files which contain the name of the project used in eclipse.

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