Goto project -->properties --> (in the dialog box that opens goto Java build path), and in order and export select android 4.1 (your new version) and select dependencies.


This Problem is because of Path so you need to build the path using following Steps

Goto project ----->Right Click on Project Name ---->properties ---->click on Than Java Build Path option than ---> click Android 4.2.2---->Ok


In Build: v22.6.2-1085508 ADT you need to add(select Android 4.4.2)

Goto project --> properties --> Android(This is second in listed item order leftPanel) and in the RightPanel Project Build Target, select Android 4.4.2 as Target name and apply changes It will rebuild the workspace.

In my case unable to resolve target 'android-17' eclipse was being shown as compile error and in code: import java.util.HashMap was not being referenced.


I faced the same issue and got it working.

I think it is because when you import a project, build target is not set in the project properties which then default to the value used in manifest file. Most likely, you already have installed a later android API with your SDK.

The solution is to enable build target toward your installed API level (but keep the minimum api support as specified in the manifest file). TO do this, in project properties, go to android, and from "Project Build Target", pick a target name.


This can happen when you mistakenly import an Android project into your Eclipse workspace as a Java project. The solution in this case: delete the project from the workspace in the Package Explorer, then go to File -> Import -> Android -> Existing Android code into workspace.


go to project properties and change the target from 7 to 8 also change the target in android manifest and also go to properties of project by right clicking on the project and choose the target


If you're using eclipse you can open file in your workspace and change the project target to the new sdk (target=android-8 for 2.2). I accidentally selected the 1.5 sdk for my version and didn't catch it until much later, but updating that and restarting eclipse seemed to have done the trick.

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