this is the closest you can get for free: productivity power tools. it has ctrl+click: go to definition and many more.

to differentiate between variable and method by color, you have to customize it (tools > options > environment > fonts and colors, but this is bit tedious).

i would suggest resharper for more advanced features but that's not free.


you may find coderush and the dxcore ecosystem to be a very helpful addition to visual studio.


telerik makes a product called justcode that provides some good eclipse-like features. i especially like the blue/red/yellow rects that appear beside scrollbars to indicate where comments (blue), warnings (yellow) and errors (red) are. it also places a red dot in the document's tab in visual studiu when it has edits and does all of the field highlighting you're talking about - also does the bracket matching highlighting you'd expect in a rich ide.

much of what it (just-code) does interactively has been covered in vs2010 but not all of it, and it's certainly substantailly cheaper than upgrading vs2008 to 2010.

good luck - happy coding.


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