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Here's an update: I've been using Veloeclipse and it works well, not sure what led to my original comment about not working with Eclipse 3.4 but I am definitely using it with 3.4 now. Veloeclipse works better than Veloedit and Velocity Web Editor, in my opinion.


According to the last release was 2006 so, I don't think that it's actively maintained anymore.

Too bad that veloedit doesn't work.

Ok, I tried it again and now it worked. Must have something to do with my installation. So for me veloedit is the way to go :)

Next Edit: On the next day, I got Eclipse exceptions again, when I started to use the veloedit editor. Now I'm just using a regular html/jsp editor to have at least some kind oh html syntax highlighting...


just try

Velocity Web Edit


you can download Veloeclipse for Velocity Template from


I have installed Veloeclipse since Veloedit raised exceptions when opening the editor and it works fine with eclipse 3.5.2.

In order to install it, I had to deselect "Group items by category" in the "Install new software..." dialog.

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