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If you want to search in files: Ctrl+H and then choose tab File Search.

If you want to search for resources: Ctrl+Shift+R.

If you want to search for Java types: Ctrl+Shift+T.

If you want more shortcut keys: Ctrl+Shift+L.


There's also a plugin called MouseFeed that shows all keyboard shortcuts for the menu operations you do. You could even set it to prevent you from using the menu alternative and force you to use the shortcut.

A good way to help you become quicker at using Eclipse.

Edit: The domain associated with the plugin seems to be gone now and replaced with a porn site. So at this point the status of the plugin is a bit unsure :)


Use the Window->Preferences menu and select the General-Keys tab to see and change any key binding.

Shortcut for this: Press two times CTRL + Shift + L


There is no default shortcut to open the "Search a File" dialog directly.

Anyway you can use CTRL + H to open the "Search Dialog".

You can also use CTRL + Shift + L to open the "Key Assist" which will show you all configured shortcuts as a kind of tooltip.

Pressing again CTRL + Shift + L in the "Key Assist", you can directly configure your own shortcuts. Enter "File Search" for the filter and simply set your own key combination.

I often search for a file and want also to open it directly. So I use the "Search for Resource" Dialog called with CTRL + Shift + R.

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