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It is kind of funny/misleading, but Eclipse doesn't provide an "Open" command. You need to use "File"->"Import"->"General"->"Import Existing Project" to be able to use your existing project.

you have to uncheck 'Copy projects into workspace' if the project is already in the workspace


You will see the same in Project Explorer. As If you do any checkout , it will fall in Project explorer syn with your workspace.


like this:

Importing existing projects You can use the Import Wizard to command link import an existing project into workspace.

From the main menu bar, select command link File > Import.... The Import wizard opens. Select General > Existing Project into Workspace and click Next. Choose either Select root directory or Select archive file and click the associated Browse to locate the directory or file containing the projects. Under Projects select the project or projects which you would like to import. Click Finish to start the import.


It is already open, but your windows "Package explorer" and "Project explorer" are closed and you do not see it. Go to Tab Window then Show view and chose any of them.


I had the same Problem as Nuraiz but i was able to work around.

You have to select the project you want to open and uncheck the 'Copy projects into workspace'. Then switch the radio button either from "Select root directory" to "Select archive file" or the other way round and switch it back afterwards.

You can now magically select your project or maybe it is already selected.


If you are using Eclipse for Mac, you have to create a new project with the same name as the folder that contains the project, which is already in the workspace. Do nothing else (no imports), just finish the wizard, and you will find all the subfolders and files in the new project created.

It's very misleading though, I had the same problem and it got me half an hour to solve it.

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