Navigate > Back (Alt+Left_Arrow) already allows to navigate back to previous cursor positions even in the same file. E.g. after you Ctrl+Click on a reference to a local variable (to go to the declaration), then Alt+Left puts the caret back to the reference.

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I use the side buttons of my mouse and it works for me


The key combination Ctrl + Q brings you back to the last locations, where editing was done.

Use Ctrl + L for an overview of shortcuts. See also Eclipse shortcuts or this Eclipse cheat sheet.


Use bookmarks for that because there is no another way of tracking the necessary code lines. Here is the link about how to use bookmarks

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There is Alt+left arrow and Alt+right arrow to navigate to previous/next cursor positions, and CtrlQ to go to the last edited position


Go to Preferences / General / Keys. You'll be able to see or edit the bindings for:

Backward History: default is Alt←
Forward History: default is Alt→

You may also use those shortcuts (and see the key bindings) in the toolbar:

answered Sep 7 '12 at 8:27 Denys Séguret

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