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In IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 you can find the import option in the New Project dialog. You can find it at File | New Project.


In IntelliJ IDEA 11 you should use File | New Project, Import project from external model.

Also check that Eclipse Interoperability plug-in is enabled in Settings | Plugins.


In IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.4 you can import a project with the following existing sources:

  • Eclipse project (.project) or classpath (.classpath) file
  • Maven project file (pom.xml)
  • Bnd/Bndtools workspace (workspace/cnf)
  • Flash Builder project file (.project, *.fxp, *.fxpl)
  • Gradle build script (*.gradle)

Go to FileNewProject from Existing Sources… and a dialog will open that allows you to open one of the supported files or directories.

IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.4 - Project from Existing Sources…

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