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In WTP you can download plugins for many different web container or Java EE application servers.

To do so go to Window => Preferences => Server => Runtime Environments => Add... Select the server(s) you want to work with.

However, as Raghuram as pointed out, you'd probably be better off starting from the 'Eclipse for Java EE developers` altogether. This is because WTP is built on top of many 'infrastructure' plugins such as EMF and the dependencies are sometimes wobbly because all these plugins evolve in a parallel manner... and more often than not, API change ;-)


I had the same issue. I used @sibley solution but tomcat8.5 and over were missing. To correct that I had to click on Help>Check for Update. This will bring all missing tomcat


As akavel said, make sure "JST Server Adapters Extensions" are installed too. Tomcat didn't show up for me until I installed that plugin.


I met the same problem before but my eclipse is indigo and also downloaded WTP... orz no tomcat found. However, I resolved by doing following:

  1. Go to Help > Install New Software...
  2. From the Work With, select "Indigo -"
  3. From the list, select "Web, XML, and Java EE Development"
  4. Then select "JST Server Adapters"

After installed this, when I add New Server, I can see Tomcat available for selection. :) hope this helps too~


Depending on how you installed it, you might have skipped the "JST Server Adapters" (org.eclipse.jst.server_adapters.ext) and "JST Server Adapters Extensions" feature that actually contains the Apache Tomcat support.

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