For those who cannot run even after adding all required plugins, I got this error also when the JRE System Library configured in Run Configurations was not satisfying the minimum execution environment of the plugin (--> plugin.xml || Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment in manifest).


The reason why Neils solution is forgotten by Eclipse is, that Eclipse overrides the Run Configuration when ever you launch your product from the *.product file. Therefore the solution is to adapt the dependencies in the *.product file instead of the Run Configuration. Moreover I would recommend to always launch Eclipse RCP projects from the *.product file, to avoid problems with changed configurations.


Somthing that worked for me is using eclipse Photon check the version that supports.


After some try and error, I found that I had some problems with the "Run Configurations".

It is managable through this steps:

  1. Right-Click on your project's top-most folder inside the Package Explorer
  2. Run as
  3. Run Configurations...
  4. Left-Click on the list's item "Eclipse Application"
  5. From that hierachical-tree-like view you could see one or more entry [one is the main Eclipse instance [called with no great fantasy "Eclipse Application"], the others, if any, are the other Eclipse's instances you wish to run]. You should have at least a second ones to run into this whole problem =)
  6. Search the "Program to Run" section inside the "Main" tab.
  7. Select the radiobutton "Run a product" and write in the textfield the same program's name you find in the entry "Eclipse Application" mentioned in the step 5 [in my case, it is "org.eclipse.platform.ide"].
  8. Click on "Apply" and then "Run"
  9. Enjoy :D


This may be the result of using a different version of eclipse (not sure). I hadf the same error. When I tried to alter the run config as described, I found no button, checkbox or anything else that stated "Add required plug-ins". What I did find, however, was a drop down list at the top of the plug-ins tab.

Launch with:

  1. all workspace and enabled target plug-ins
  2. plug-ins selected below only
  3. features selected below only

Mine was set to option 2. I switched to option 1 and clicked "Apply". The error went away, though the resulting RCP window didn't contain the expected list... but I suspect that's another problem altogether.


I clicked the "Add Required Plug-ins" button but for some reason, it did not solve the "No application id has been found" problem.

What worked for me is the solution found here, which is:

  • Go 'Run > Run Configurations...'
  • Choose your run configuration
  • Click on 'Plug-ins' tab
  • Add plug-ins below:



I added a list of common problems with starting your product to the tutorial mentioned. Find it here: Eclipse RCP checklist for common launch problems

Please note that modifying the launch configuration is the wrong solution, as your application will fail starting after the export.


Shortly after posting, I found the specific magical incantation to fix this.

What you need to do is go to your Run Configurations (Run -> Run Configurations). Select the Plug-ins tab and then hit "Add Required Plug-ins". Apply, then Run, and it should work now.

Interestingly enough, it seems to forget this change with some regularity (bug here) and so you may need to do this often before launching :-(

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