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here is one called Metrics.


i put together a short program for this screenshot in eclipse

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Metrics New version Thanks @mpartel for the link


Another good project is the projectusus, which shows you not only the metrics but also whether you are respecting the standards or not and gives you a hint of what should be refactored


A search for eclipse code+metrics turns up, which looks good.


I also recommend the eclipse-metrics plugin.

It is capable of exporting the metrics into html, and is capable of doing this from an ant task (at least according to the documentation, I have never tried it).

The plugin works even in Eclipse 3.5 fine.


There is an updated version of the Metrics plug-in described above that should do what you need. It can aggregate some of the measurements (e.g. add up the LOC of classes in a package to give you the LOC of the package) and export the measurements to XML. Some time in the near future, it should also export them to a relational database.


If you want LOC only then use locmetric . and if you want check metric and code coverage usse SONAR or Eclips CodePro Analytix plugin.

i suggest to use it has Automated tools measure quality of Java source code and code coverage


Sorry for the necropost but it seems like the right thing to do since this was my starting point. Try Metrics2, its a fork of the original metrics plugin and is built for Eclipse 3.5.


CodePro AnalytiX originally form Instantiations is now free at Google:

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