In mac you can use option + F7 to switch between consoles. You would have to be in the console for this to work.


I'm not sure if you could do this (will be happy to learn something new as always), but, I can offer a workaround.

You can open several console views: in the right most menu in the console select New Console View. Open as many as you need. Each should show a different console. Use the Pin Console button to make sure they don't switch on you.

Now, the problem is reduced to navigating open views with the keyboard. This can be achieved with Cmd + F7 and Shift + Cmd + F7.

Not ideal, but might be good enough.


I'm not sure when this feature was added, but at least in Indigo you can cycle through the consoles using the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" commands. These are mapped to Alt + F7 and Shift + Alt + F7 by default.

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