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at some point recently (not sure but since march 2013?) my eclipse cdt stopped auto completion. i figured out that at editor->content assist->advanced checking parsing-based proposals lets auto completion work on my machine.

ubuntu 12.10, eclipse 4.2.2, cdt 8.1.2

enter image description here

this snapshot shows task-focused, which i don't see on my another eclipse instance. in that case i just checked parsing-based proposals and completion still works.


i had a problem with eclipse juno (osx java "1.6.0_33") where the autocomplete (and save key binding) wasn't working properly. googling i found this: eclipse juno doesn't start

updating my mercurial plugin to the latest (1.9.1) fixed both these issues for me.

very weird.


this question is so valid even in 2018 with eclipse photon.

1) go to window > prefrences > c/c++ > editor > content assist > advanced.

2) check "parsing-based proposal(task-focused)".

3) bind a key now by pressing "ctrl + space".

enter image description here

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