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i managed to fix it finally. the problem was that the ibus was overriding the shortcut so i deleted this shortcut configuration.

type ibus in the dash: search for ibus

then select keyboard input methods. from there click on the first three dots next to the enable or disable textfield. this windows should appear: shortcuts

if there is something bound to ctrl + space simply delete it.


this issue happened to me and none of the stack solutions seemed to resolve it. i finally figured that some other windows task was stealing my hotkey press. if nothing else works, i recommend that you downloaded a free software 'windows hotkey explorer' that reported the registered hotkeys.

in my particular situation, i found ctrl+space was seized by 'blackboard collaborate' (a unpalatable java application for webcasts used by some of my courses).

i closed eclipse killed all java processes (which included blackboard). restarted eclipse and my autocomplete was back!

(note: hotkey explorer was incredibly buggy and crashed every time i used it. i was able to get the information i needed before it crashed though so it was useful. another (shareware) application that i didn't use but noticed online is: hotkey commander.


though i have eclipse proposal settings configured properly it was not working for me. in my case ctrl+space key combination was hijacked by another background running process (i was running allwaysontop utility for windows). it worked after exit that process. :)


ctrl+space was not working in my eclipse.somehow it got disabled.

i have tried many options and didnt worked any options.

finally this was work out

go to preferences > java > editor > content assist > the "auto activation triggers for java:" field. paste "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz." (note the dot after z) .this is the best solution and no need to even press ctrl+space.


i was facing the same issue. if you use os x eclipse ctrl+space shortcut can be interfering with os x system's "selecting previous input source" using ctrl+space shortcut as default.

it is necessary to edit system preferencies/keyboard/shortcuts/input source and uncheck the "selecting previous input source" or change the shortcut on something else. eclipse should work after that even without restart.


it happened to me also, what i have done is change the workspace folder to another folder and problem solved!


for mac:

by default ˆ+space is assigned for switching inputs of the keyboard.

you can deselect that option by going to

system preference > keyboard > shortcuts > input sources

check for shortcut that using your key and disable it


earlier i was also facing the same issue : i just followed below steps :

  1. go to windows --> preferences --> java --> editor --> content assist --> advanced --> select all java & java type proposals.

  2. click on apply and close it.

  3. restart the eclipse.

enter image description here


to enable ctrl+space.

  1. go to control panel --> region and language --> select keyboard and languages tab --> change keyboard button --> select general tab --> under installed services --> remove all languages except english(united states). click apply and ok.

  2. eclipse --> windows --> preferences --> java --> editor --> content assist --> advanced --> select all java & java type proposals.

  3. eclipse --> windows --> preferences --> general keys --> type content assist in right side search box --> select command content assist --> click on restore to default --> apply --> ok

now you are ready to use ctrl + space feature for content assist.


for that go to

eclipse --> windows --> preferences --> java --> editor --> content assist --> advanced --> select all java & java type proposals.

and check mark : java proposals(code recommenders)


go to windows > preferences > java > editor > content assist > advanced > select all java only. if you select all, then multiple occurrence of same instance would be shown in suggestion list. which might be annoying some times.

enter image description here


in my case; window>preferences>java>editor>content assist>advanced

make sure select the proposal>template proposals,swt template proposals,java proposals ,content assist cycling>template proposals,swt template proposals,java proposals is ticked.

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