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the implementors plugin does pretty much exactly what you ask for. if there is only one implementation it will open it directly, otherwise it will let you choose.


in eclipse ide for c/c++ developers version: oxygen.3a release (4.7.3a) i saw ctrl+tab (toggle source/header) which worked for me (although not directly but its a workaround).

toggle source/header


in eclipse 3.5, when you hover over dothings while holding down the control key, a pop up box gives you two options to click on:

  • open declaration
  • open implementation

there's a screenshot as the second section of the eclipse 3.5 new & noteworthy page for jdt:

alt text


go to window > preferences > general > editors > text editors > hyperlinking, and uncheck open declaration. preferences screenshot

from now on, when you hold ctrl while hovering over a method name, the following popup will be displayed. just click on the method name and the implementation will be opened (or a types implementing xxx box, if more than one implementation exists).

popup box

you will still be able to use the open declaration feature by pressing f3.


  1. move the cursor to the method call
  2. press ctrl + t
  3. select your desired implementation
  4. hit enter

this also works if there are several implementors.

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