In my case the error was due a special character in the password: Ç.


Changing App Name doesn't create any problem while you signing the application. you might have entered a wrong password or keystore-alias.

And you cannot create a new keystore to sign the application. If you done so then it is another application and you cannot updated the currently existing application.

Try re-sign the app with First Keystore with proper keystore-alias and password. It may be hard for you but if you fail to re-sign with the first keystore file then you cannot update the app with second version.


If you have special characters in you passwords use this tool to change it:

I've tried the commands on Windows and it didn't work(probably because of the special characters).

enter image description here


Solution: The KeyStore password and The Key password should be the same.

Changing both passwords using keytool

Change KeyStore password

keytool -storepasswd -new %newpassword% -keystore %YourKeyStore%.jks

replace %newpassword% with your actual password, same with YourKeyStore

Change Alias key Password

keytool -keypasswd -alias %MyKeyAlias% -new %newpassword% -keystore KeyStore.jks

Note: supply old passwords for both keystore and alias when asked for them

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