If you get this warning it means you haven't changed any line of your code and this instance of your project is running on emulator or on your device. So if you want to run that again you can:

1- Make some changes in your code and then compile it again.

2- Or you can easily close the app and then relaunch it with eclipse or android studio or ...

If the problem still persist try to uninstall the app and run it again.


It's posible, in case, if yours AVD is started and Locked. You need unlock AVD display.


This means that the app which you try to deply in emulator and already existing same app in emulator are same. There is no change in both of them..

Still you get error then Project -> Clean from eclipse and restart avd and deply again..


In my case the problem was the bad configuration of my HTC connected to PC. Try to run the emulator with the phone disconnected-


thats problem is obvious on eclipse with adt plugin. Main problem is ... your application was started on emulator/device and now you try start it again without any changes on source codes. Possible solutions : 1 rebuild project and start app again (its take more time) 2 add some space/new line to code and start app again

I prefer second options coz its very fast. But IMHO i think its stupid problem on side plugin's developers


Are you getting the warning when you start the app or when you click the button? If you run an app from eclipse without it having to recompile (ie no code changes), it doesn't go through the uninstall-install process, it just pushes the application to the front just like you would if you resumed it from the phone. It's not an error but a 'working as intended'

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