your build path is not configured properly.

if you take a look under scala library[...] you have scala-library.jar we can only see one top-level package scala. there should be numerous other packages besides that. (ruled out)

i would recommend you follow these steps

  1. right-click project, build-path, java-build-path, libraries and make sure that the correct library is referenced there.
  2. if it is the one you need, try to remove this library and add it again, then clean and re-fresh the project. also try this step in a fresh workspace.(something must have messed up this workspace )
  3. lastly. goto the path d:\eclipse for scala\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\286\1\.cp\lib and verify the sizes of the jars there. there should be 6 jars there and the size of scala-library jar should be around 6.8m. if size is smaller, consider re-downloading

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