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add the coderecommenders plugin to your installation. that has a subwords completion, which the normal jdt code completion does not have.

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this merely meets you req: alt+/, just a replacement for ctrl+space

currently there is no direct way to do that in eclipse. but i found these are helpful. here

this post resembles your's look at it. similar one here


use search. from the search menu at the top of the window, select "java search". you can limit your search to methods and use wildcards to search for *buffer* if you know that buffer is in the method name.


the shortcut ctrl + o gives an outline of the current source. so you can view and search all your methods in your current class. use wildcards when needed.


if you start typing the a in add1_buffer and then an upper b and then press ctrl + space you will find the correct method.

you can then continue writing the word buffer if there are more methods starting with add and then having an upper b.

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this means that you'll have to remember at least the first part of your method but hopefully you do.

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