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on the servers view, delete all the webapps published under your server (right click on the server > remove or right click on the server > add and remove and then remove manually the webapps) and finally right click on the server > publish (the 'empty' content). this way you would un-gray the server locations area.


if you are still dont see the option enabled, start the tomcat and then it will be enabled.


as the dialog says : "server must be published with no modules present to make changes." stop the server remove any modules. after that the options will be enabled.


one way to change the server location is by doing the following steps:

    1)right click on the server(example tomcat server).
    2)go to properties.
    3)click on "switch location" , in the "general" tab.
    4)the "location" information changes.
    5)now go back and the settings will be enabled to change the server locations

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