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This depends. Subclipse has superior support for checking out projects as maven projects - this is the sole reason we use Subclipse. Other than that, I have noticed subclipse bugs with syncing with SVN.

Subversive is much better at detecting new files to add to version control, and is also far superior with merging code from a branch, or even syncing with SVN (fewer bugs, etc.). So really, you should ask yourself what value you want. If you're not using maven, I would definitely go for Subversive.


subclipse is fully packed with features, I have never had an issue with it.


I'm casting my vote for Subclipse. I've had better luck with it than Subversive personally.


Personally i use subversive. It has better usability features, mainly intuitive keyboard shortcuts etc.

I have never had a problem using either though. It really is just a combination of personal preference and usage though, if you're using advanced complex features it might matter which one you choose, but if your just checking in, checking out and synchronizing they will both meet your needs.


I've recently switched from subclipse to subversive. After upgrading our repository from v1.4.x to 1.5, we started having lots of issues with subclipse.

After doing a synch, you'd see updates that you had just accepted, and you wouldn't be able to take other updates without doing "hacks"

So far subversive is pretty nice. it even seems a little faster for lots of small files than subclipse was.

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