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it's for the play store, which accepts 512x512 high-resolution icons:

  • high resolution application icon (required):
    • use: in various locations in google play.
    • specs: 512x512, 32-bit png with alpha; max size of 1024kb.

-- google support

(a more tutorial like explanation can be found here.)

it is not used in your actual app or the launcher, so it is not packaged in the apk.


if you keep this file make sure to change it to duplicate your regular launcher file. you manually add the regular launcher file to the play site when submitting your project anyway so the extra web launcher file may not be needed. my first project never had one.


this is the icon for the google play store. you need to provide a 512 x 512 icon.


there is a little bit of an explanation here on this page:

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