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the yellow arrows show up next to search results for me. if you go to the search tab and delete the results they should go away.


those are warnings. if you click on them, useful suggestion will be shown to disappear them.


not really sure what you are looking at...

for me, the little orange looking lines are on the right - and they represent compiler warnings. - you can hover your mouse over them for messages.

when you double click a word in the code, then more lines appear - where that word is also located in the file.


this is what they look like. screen shot from eclips

note that it's pointing at a blank line. i also did a search for some string and it did not affect the arrow. i have been trying to get "extract android string" to work from a keyboard shortcut (mac os) and may have found some other implicated command.

edit: i see it now. eclipse has more than one search command. this is not from command-f (find/replace). it is from control-h (search). there's a search item on the menu bar as well.


you can get rid of them by going to preferences > general > editors > text editors > annotations, then look for "search results" and uncheck "vertical ruler".

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