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  • blue ball: regular breakpoint, active (possibly with a hit count set)
  • empty ball (i.e. white): breakpoint has been disabled (remove checkmark in the breakpoint view, or disable in context menu)
  • diagonal line through breakpoint: all breakpoints have been disabled (button skip all breakpoints in breakpoint view)
  • question mark next to breakpoint: a condition is active for this breakpoint (look under properties of the breakpoint)


if you see a "t" on the blue ball, it means a triggering point for remote debugging enter image description here


in eclipse toolbar press help > help contents

a new window will open, simply type jdt icons. select the result with the same name.

a list of icons with their respective meaning shaw appear. scroll down until you find the debugger section.


adding to earlier answers. the small white c over a green ball icon means that the breakpoint is at the class level.

class load breakpoint

eclipse help


i think answer given by @sleske is explaining all things except for :

blue ball with tick : breakpoint is successfully set because your source code matches with the byte code and debug control will reach there.

only blue ball : source code differs from byte code (may be you are running a older snapshot of code). control will never reach at this breakpoint. you will have to update your jars to get control to these breakpoints.


i have created an example code with explanation inline.

public class breakpoints {
    int field1; // watchpoint - suspend when field1 is read
    int field2; // watchpoint - suspend when field1 is written
    int field3; // watchpoint - suspend when field1 is read or written

    public void method() {
        int x;
        x = 10; // suspend before this line is executed 
        x = 11; // same as above but this breakpoint is temporarily disabled
        for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {
            x = i; // conditional breakpoint - suspend when i==5

eclipse breakpoint icons

once you select skip all breakpoints in the breakpoints view (window | show viev | debug | breakpoints), all the icons become diagonally struck through like this:

eclipse breakpoint icons skip all


the tick means that the breakpoint has been successfully set. i think it may only appear when you're doing remote debugging; when you add a breakpoint, it starts out as a plain ball, but once the jpda agent in the remote system has been told about it, and has confirmed it's set, then it gets a tick.

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