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what are you expecting? the default tomcat homepage? if so, you'll need to configure eclipse to take control over from tomcat.

doubleclick the tomcat server entry in the servers tab, you'll get the server configuration. at the left column, under server locations, select use tomcat installation. this way eclipse will take full control over tomcat, this way you'll also be able to access the default tomcat homepage with the tomcat manager when running from inside eclipse. i only don't see how that's useful while developing using eclipse.

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note, when it is grayed out, read the section leading text! it literally says "server must be published with no modules present to make changes". in other words, make sure that you've removed all modules via rightclick server and add and remove... option, and then performed rightclick server and publish.

the port number is not the problem. you would otherwise have gotten an exception in tomcat's startup log, and the browser would show a browser-specific "connection timed out" error page and thus not a tomcat-specific error page which could impossibly be served when tomcat was not up and running.


i may be out fishing here, but doesn't tomcat by default open to port 8080? try http://localhost:8080 instead.


you can change the port number:

open the server tab in eclipse -> right click open click on open---->you can change the port number.

run the application with http://localhost:8080/applicationname it will give output and also check http://localhost:8080/applicationname/index.jsp


you need to start the apache tomcat services.

win+r --> sevices.msc

then, search for apache tomcat and right click on it and click on start. this will start the service and then you'll be able to see apache tomcat homepage on the localhost .


right-click on your project's name in eclipse's project explorer, then click run as followed by run on server. click the next button. make sure your project's name is listed in the configured: column on the right. if it is, then you should be able to access it with this url:


additionally, whenever you make new additions (such as new jsps, graphics or other resources) to your project, be sure to refresh the project by clicking on its name and then hitting f5. otherwise eclipse does not know that those new resources are available and will not make them available to tomcat to serve.


eclipse hooks dynamic web projects into tomcat and maintains it's own configuration but does not deploy the standard tomcat root.war. as http://localhost:8085/ link returns 404 does indeed show that tomcat is up and running, just can't find a web app deployed to root.

by default, any deployed dynamic web projects use their project name as context root, so you should see http://localhost:8085/yourprojectname working properly, but check the servers tab first to ensure that your web project has actually been deployed.

hope that helps.

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