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shift + alt + selects enclosing elements.

shift + alt + reverses shift + alt + .

shift + alt + selects enclosing elements moving up the file.

shift + alt + selects enclosing elements moving down the file.


to select, you can use shift + alt + any arrow key.


shift + alt + selects the word surrounding the cursor


the quickest way to find any keyboard shortcut in eclipse is to use help->key assist (or ctrl + shift + l), which will pop up a nice tooltip with keyboard shortcuts and what they do. (if you press he key assist shortcut twice, you'll get the keys preferences page, which allows you to reassign shortcuts.)

string |myfancystring = "foobar";

if your cursor is immediately to the left of 'm' (i am indicating this with a pipe (|)) :

  • shift + alt + (select next element) would select 'myfancystring'

  • shift + alt + (select previous element) would also select 'myfancystring'

  • ctrl + shift + (select next word) would select 'my', repeating it would select 'myfancy', followed by 'myfancystring '

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