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To clean android project:

Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys (Ctrl+Shift+L) 

in type filter text write build clean. There you can bind the key, for ex. Ctrl+Shift+L.


In Preferences/General/Keys look for "Build Clean". You can assign a binding for that command. Works for me on Mac OS X Kepler.


As George said, it is really easy.

Just keep an eye on underlines coming out when you hit ALT . Then if you follow these underlines, hit P and then N.

Note: No need have to have ALT pressed down or hit Enter at the end.


Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys (Ctrl+Shift+L+L)

In type filter text, type clean. The you will have the possible command and you can assign any short cut you want.


It's quite easy:

  1. Press ALT + P + N.
  2. Release ALT
  3. Enter.

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