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I use android studio. You can switch between selection mode by:
alt-shift-insert, or Edit -> Column selection mode.



As per this thread: How do I enable the column selection mode in Eclipse?

or this one: Block selection in eclipse

Use: Alt+Shift+A

To switch between Column selection ans stream selection.

Block selection is available since Eclipse 3.5. You can toggle between standard and block selection by Alt+Shift+A (or press Ctrl+3, type "toggle block" and select Toggle Block Selection command).


the short cut key to select more column character: shift+up or down arrow (define more line) then shift +left or right arrow for select text


Lots of previous answers, but this might be easier or more straightforward as compared to memorizing key shortcuts.

Just Right-click while the cursor is inside a file/class, then select/deselect 'column selection mode' from the list of options that appears (usually the fifth option on the list)


To enter column selection mode, press alt-shift-insert.

To get the caret to occupy multiple lines, simply hold Shift and press the up or down arrow key. Then you can hold Shift and press the right or left key to select text horizontally like you usually would.

To exit column selection mode, press Esc.


Android Studio column selection on the Mac Book you can use this Shortcut Mac :

Cmd + Shift + 8

source here


Now Alt+Left_Mouse works in Android Studio.


Without any command you can get selection mode by using mouse drag with press Alt in Android Studio,

Mouse: Alt+MouseDrag

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