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I found this post on the Eclipse trackers: Start multiple debug configurations at once

While it talks about multi-launching debug configurations, I think it is just as applicable to run configurations.

Launch Group

You may want to right click a run configuration in group launch and configure it.

Launch sequential


You don't need any plugin:

  1. Create all Run Configurations in eclipse
  2. Select Organize Favorites...
  3. Add you favorites, done



You can create a separate class that calls your program with different arguments, and run it instead.

public class YourClass {
    public static void main(String arg){

public class YourClassTester {
    public static void main(String[] args){


There are two more options listed in Launch an Eclipse Run Configuration from ANT.

You could group them in Ant and then call them using Ant4Eclipse. Or call multiple launch configs from a command script using eclipse remote control.


Since Eclipse Oxygen (4.7.0) you can use a run configuration of the type Launch Group for that.

This short video shows how to use a Launch Group.


EDIT: According to this answer since Eclipse Oxygen (4.7.0) you can use a run configuration of the type Launch Group for that.

Just install "C/C++ Development Tools" from the CDT (see ) - this single package is enough, no other CDT packages are needed. This won't disturb your Java environment ;-) Then you have "Launch Groups", for any kind of project, including Java projects. See the following screenshot:

enter image description here

You can run or debug the projects (also mixed mode), define delay times and so on. Have fun!

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