Very simple. I restarted Eclipse, reloaded my project and when creating a new emulator, the problem is gone


Found this thread when I did a search on Google for the same error.

So I just wanted to add that if anyone comes across this thread but you are using Android Studio. You only have to restart the Android Studio. I did and now I can see what I installed.

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Make sure you have rights to all the files in the android-sdk-linux directory using:

sudo chown $USER -R ./android-sdk-linux


Lots of potentially useful answers here, but none of them were worked for me.

On my Mac, I have both Android Studio and Visual Studio installed. One would hope that they would automatically look for an Android SDK in the same place, but no, not necessarily.

In Android Studio, go to Tools -> Android -> SDK Manager. In the window that pops up, make a note of the Android SDK Location. It should be something like


Next, in Visual Studio, go to Tools -> SDK Manager. In the window that pops up, the path that should be selected on the left is Projects -> SDK Location -> Android. On the right, click the Locations tab. For me, the Android SDK Location path was set to something like


I changed this to the path that Android Studio was using, and that fixed the problem for me.


I just had this same issue. My problem was solved by killing eclipse (Command + Q) because I'm a Mac user. So, if you're under other operative system be sure to kill the Eclipse's process and relaunch it.


I restart worked out for me,issue is resolved.


Goto sdk\system-images and open the folder of the current API you are using ( folder in your case). Now you'll find a folder named 'default', open it and you'll see the folder named 'armeabi-v7a' or which ever system image you've installed. Now move the folder 'armeabi-v7a' to the directory sdk\system-images...i.e simply out of the 'default' folder.

That's it. I had the same problem and this method worked for me. :D


You just need to restart the tools. I have seen this bug before. The appropriate installed images will show up after the restart.

You can also try to refresh within the 'Packages' menu, but the easiest thing, is to restart the tools.


After SDK Update I had the same problems with API Level 19 and in my case restarting eclipse didn't solve it.

For some reason, in the sdk/system-images/android-19 directory, sub-folders with system images (armeabi-v7a and x86) were placed within "default" directory. I just moved them into android-19 directory (if eclipse is running at the same time, you will have to restart it).

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