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there are also other choices for java ides. you've obviously found eclipse, but you also may want to check out intellij and netbeans. intellij is not free, but has a 30 day evaluation period and a visual studio key map :)

shop around, find one that you like and start to use it heavily. they are all very good ides, and i'm sure once you use one for a while you'll get comfortable with it.


i'm gonna play devils advocate here and say that forcing you to use this.mystring is actually much safer than just mystring. mystring could be defined locally (in the method) or in the class as a private member. i sometimes think visual studio is a bit cavalier about this. in the sample you mention (i saw the video but it was illegible) where is mystring scoped?


if you start typing the name of any class/variable visible in the current scope and hit ctrl+space, it'll bring down the autocompletion.

by default, tab is used to move around autocompleted function call arguments.


have you tried using the visual studio keybindings available in eclipse ganymede (3.4)?

(you may want to know that "intellisense" is a visual studio-term, an probably unknown to anyone without visual studio-experience. "autocompletion" is probably a more widely used term.)

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