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eclipse versions earlier than luna

i'm not certain if this is the best thing to do but i followed the instructions mentioned here with regards to getting rid of the auto generated web resources folder and this seems to also resolve the issue with the missing

  • on your project only : right-click on the project > properties > maven > wtp : check "enable project specific settings" and uncheck "maven archiver generates files under the build directory"
  • on the whole workspace : window > preferences > maven > wtp : uncheck "maven archiver generates files under the build directory"

we actually generate our manifest entries as part of the maven-war-plugin when we actually want to package/build the project, but i dont think m2e-wtp uses this. in any event, the manifest file is irrelevant for us in the build that m2e-wtp creates for use within eclipse.

eclipse luna and later

for eclipse luna you have to go:

preferences > maven > java ee integration and uncheck "maven archiver generates files under the build directory".

eclipse luna does not have the path at project properties and the wtp section


just below the above line, i was getting an additional info saying "out of sync" i only ran project clean "my project" and bingo, it worked for me..


m2e-wtp plugin might generating an almost empty in /target/m2e-wtp/web-resources/meta-inf folder, no matter where you place the real have a look at virgo's admin console. just browse the "bundles" category the bundle. you'll see what packages are being imported and exported for real.

so what you can do is copy the to the /$virgo_base/stage/$bundle_webapp/meta-inf directory and hit "redeploy" in eclipse's server view.


replacing manen to an external installation solved it for me.
window -> preferences -> [search maven in the search box] -> installation add a full external maven installation and select its checkbox. apply and restart.


cleaning the project didn't do the trick,there were 2 external jars that were added to the build path removing them and moving them inside pom.xml really fixed the issue for me.


i use eclipse luna and find it useless to enable project specific settings. finally, i found the configure file org.eclipse.m2e.wtp.prefs in project .settings and change the configuration "org.eclipse.m2e.wtp.enablem2ewtp=true". it works after maven build the project. hope this is help to people meets the same case as me. :d


for marte eclipse:

go to: window > preference > marven > java ee integration

uncheck marven archiver generates files under the build directory.

it's works


to make sure resources are properly refreshed, as maven cleans up target, you can setup maven build to automatically refresh project + target folder, etc.,.

check the option to automatically refresh resources in your maven build


in my case (eclipse neon), i enabled maven archiver generates files under build directory

score:2 is getting destroyed when we try to do maven build using mvn clean install. if we don't want to destroy file, just enter the command mvn install in the command prompt.

and if we missed the file, we can generate by uncheck & check the "maven archiver generates files under the build directory" option in maven - java ee integration as you said.


clean all projects will solve this issue.


right click on project > properties > maven > update project > select last three options > click ok

done. it worked for me


in your pom.xml file check the following thing,

<finalname>write a file name which is your maven buid name</finalname>


  1. go to pom.xml
  2. ctrl+a then ctrl+x then ctrl+s then ctrl+v then ctrl+s
  3. right click on project. maven -> update project

this got solved for me.


right click on your project, go to properties and then to project facets, now go to runtime tab on the right and select the server and click on apply, the error message would be gone.


try eclipse -> project -> clean

then right click your project --> team --> share project --> svn --> choose your svn and ok

everything should be solved


try to select your project, and clean it by using the menu :


then refresh your pom.xml. that worked for me .


this solution works for me rightclick on project --> properties --> maven --> java ee integration --> check enable project specific settings and disable maven archiver generates files

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