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use a library project just for the support library

as of adt 22, using eclipse juno

i don't think any of the above are really the best answers. i also don't think it is recommended to use the external jar function in eclipse anymore (afaik).

rather, what worked for me is to create a separate empty library project.

then use android tools > add support library to get the latest version you need or want.

then remove the support lib jar from all other projects.

finally, for every project that requires it, add a reference to your new library project

(project properties) > android > (library box) > add...

then all your projects will have a single source to use and update the support library. this also makes javadocs easier to get working.

for info on how to setup the javadocs see:

how to attach javadoc or sources to jars in libs folder?


right click on your project -> android tool -> add support library


in my case there was another directory within my workspace, having the same jar file as the one in my project. i hadn't created that directory or anything in it. it was created by eclipse i believe. i just erased that directory and it just runs ok.


i believe you need your support package in both library and application. however, to fix this, make sure you have same file at both locations (same checksum).

simply copy the support-package file from one location and copy at another then clean+refresh your library/project and you should be good to go.


i think you create a new workspace and import all project properly with his lib and also add external jar android-support-v4.jar in adb bundle in sdk extra files. i think its work for you. hope all the best

and also use the android support lib it may be help you and also update your adt bundle


i agree with pjco. the best way is the official method explained in support library setup in the tutorial at

then, in the eclipse "package explorer", expand your main project and delete android-support-v4.jar from the "libs" folder (as pratik butani suggested).

this worked for me.


  1. jar mismatch comes when you use library projects in your application and both projects are using same jar with different version so just check all library projects attached in your application. if some mismatch exist then remove it.

  2. if above process is not working then just do remove project dependency from build path and again add library projects and build the application.


actionbarsherlock has the support library in it. this probably causes a conflict if the support library is also in your main project.

remove android-support-v4.jar from your project's libs directory.

also remove android-support-v4.jar from your second library and then try again.

jar mismatch found 2 versions of android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list


remove android-support-v4.jar file from the libs folder from your project.


don't include the android-support-v4 in the library , instead you can add it to your project as an external jar using build path menu > add external jar

sometimes you have to clean your project.

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