try the following method, got it work for me.

  1. make sure you have ant installed
  2. create new project> android project > choose from exisiting source (your project source)
  3. download ant-contrib.jar, then unzip it and put the jar file to where you prefer.
  4. add the ant-contrib jar file to eclipse: window>preferences>ant>runtime>global entries>add external jar
  5. configure your (copy and edit to
  6. now open build.xml in editor in eclipse then hit run
  7. add the built jar files in your project properties, project properties>java build path>add jar


just simply import "existing projects into workspace" and import your project. then open 'ant' window from windows-->show/view --> ant

drag-drop your ant file from project explorer to the ant window.

click to expand, and select the target you want to run ->right click -> run as ant

your setup should be ok with this.


from this link:

  1. open eclipse, select file > new > project
  2. select "java project from existing ant build file"
  3. show your build file and write a project name

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