You can achieve this by this way: There's a dropdown in the 'File Search' dialog. Its label is: 'File name patterns'. Here you can specify the whole filename as well as extension of file, that you want to search in.


You can search for code inside source-jars attached to your workspace. Just use ctrl+H / Java Search. However I couldn't find a way to search for comments and java-docs inside those sources.


The most practical way of achieving this is to expand all the jars / other archives you need to search in - using simple script to automate if they are too many. Put the files in a folder and create a generic Eclipse project from it or just put it in a sub-folder to your existing java project (without making it a resource of course). Then you can use Ctrl-H to search in and Ctrl-R to find resources by name.

See the result:

enter image description here


Currently there is no Eclipse plugin can do this AFAIK. However you can write a simple utility to do the work:

URL url = FindResourceMain.class.getResource("/" + filePath);

Where filePath is the path you are interested.

Currently it will only find resources from root of class path. E.g. if there is a file config/settings.xml, you can find with using "config/settings.xml", but not "settings.xml".

Hope it will help. And hopefully someone will enhance the code and create an Eclipse plugin.


Is not possible, use Total Commander to search in jar/zip etc.


Searching inside a jar or finding the class name which contains a particular text is very easy with WinRar search. Its efficient and always worked for me atleast.

just open any jar in winrar, click on ".." until you reach the top folder from where you want to start the search(including subfolders).

Make sure to check the below options:

1.) Provide '*' in fields 'file names to find', 'Archive types'

2.) select check boxes 'find in subfolders', 'find in files', 'find in archives'.


you can do like this. press ctrl-h -- > java search(the tab like file search)--search for: Field limit to:all occurrences scope:workspace then press search button


Recently discovered the following plugin has beta support for searching into linked source jars:

You have to enable searching source jars in the preferences as it is turned off by default. Depending on how much source you have, the indexing process is very slow, but then search is very fast.

I have an Eclipse workspace with the enterprise versions of Alfresco (Explore, Share and SOLR) and Alfresco Workdesk (Vanilla, Office and Mobile). Indexing took about 8 minutes on my Early 2011 MacBook Pro. Search is almost instantanious.

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