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the download from which installs in /library/internet plug-ins is only the jre, for development you probably want to download the jdk from and install that instead. this will install the jdk at /library/java/javavirtualmachines/jdk1.7.0_<something>.jdk/contents/home which you can then add to eclipse via preferences -> java -> installed jres.


you need to tell eclipse which jdk/jre's you have installed and where they are located.

this is somewhat burried in the eclipse preferences: in the window-menu select "preferences". in the preferences tree, open the node "java" and select "installed jre's". then click on the "add"-button in the panel and select "standard vm", "next" and for "jre home" click on the "directory"-button and select the top level folder of the jdk you want to add.

its easier than the description may make it look.


try editing your eclipse.ini file and add the following at the top


of course the path may be slightly different, looks like i have an older version...

i'm not sure if it will add itself automatically. if not go into

preferences --> java --> installed jres

click add and follow the instructions there to add it

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