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After you run gradle bootRun --debug-jvm the application is suspended until you connect your debugger to the port it is listening on (port 5005).


Define an executes a Java application in a child process.

task executeApp() {
    doFirst {
       println "Executing java app from Gradle..."
       javaexec {
           main = "com.mymain"
           jvmArgs = ["-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=y,address=30000"]

Set your breakpoints in the java code. After execute the Gradle task.For example in Windows:

  .\gradlew.bat executeApp

The task waits until you attach the debugger. For example in Netbeans go to Debug->Attach debugger , set 30000 on port Field.


For people hitting this via Google and wondering how to enable Spring's debug mode (normally done by java -jar app.jar --debug) and using Gradle, here is how. This passes --debug to the main class which is how you turn on Spring Boot's debug mode which logs autoconfig classes among other things.

./gradlew bootRun --args='--debug'


I personally prefer going under Gradle tasks and right-clicking on the bootRun. This is useful in the IDE compared to the terminal.


For build.gradle.kts file you can also simply use below:

tasks.withType<BootRun> {
    jvmArgs = listOf("-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=")


As a response to dankdirkd's answer above: (compare)

gradle bootRun --debug-jvm

will make the gradle build run in debug mode. That probably is not what you want. What you want to achieve is that the springBoot task starts your application in debug mode.

The spring boot task extends the gradle JavaExec task. You can configure the bootRun task in your build.gradle file to add a debug configuration like this:

bootRun {

For the build.gradle.kts this would look like this (with suspend mode disabled):

tasks {
    val bootRun by getting(BootRun::class) {

If your server is within a cloud and you want to debug from local machine, you need to make sure that it allows connections from outside. Use below configuration in that case

tasks {
val bootRun by getting(BootRun::class) {

Note that the address is now instead of just port

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