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Go to the root of the project. Wherever the pom is located then try to do a

 mvn eclipse:clean 

Then refresh your projects and see where that leaves you


Close the eclipse and start the eclipse again. This will refresh the projects and problem will be solved.


I had the same problem but it got resolved just disturb the formatting of


and press

ctrl+a and ctrl+shift+f then save the document


Right click on project then select maven and then click on Update project after select the project name and update it'll be work fine.


This issue appeared to me while I updated eclipse [updated to Eclipse 2020-12 (4.18)] as my project was open in eclipse. Then I closed my CLI (as I was running mvn test command), closed the project in eclipse and restarted my eclipse. Thereafter the issue was gone. Hopefully this will resolve your issue too.


All. For me, there was an error in pom.xml. I formatted the code (Ctrl+Shift+F) and the error is gone. After that I was able to run the application.


clean all (involved) projects and refresh your open projects in your workspace


I know this question has already been answered. After several tries, what worked for me was expanded my project in eclipse, right clicked on target directory and clicked refresh and that has been working ever since. Hope this works for someone if all the above fails.


Right click on project -> Maven -> Update

DEBUG or RUN the server in order to fetch the recently created war file.

Make sure to check "Force update snapshots/releases" while doing MAVEN UPDATE


If you're also using Maven and sometimes compiling outside of Eclipse, it could be removing Eclipse's manifest, and Eclipse won't recognize the manifest that external Maven creates.

TL;DR Uncheck "Maven Archiver generates files under the build directory" in Window > Preferences > Maven > WTP.

Read more in @cosjav's answer on another question.


I had the similar issue. What I did is:

  1. Right click on project > Maven > Disable Maven Nature
  2. Right click on project > configure> Convert to maven project

Error gone


Right click on project then click on maven then do update project.It work for me.

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