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  1. mark the "target" folders as "derived" resource from the properties screen of those folders (this option is next to read only and archive property).

  2. in the quick search (ctrl+shift+r) screen press the arrow in the top right corner and untick "show derived resources".

then those target-files will not be considered in the quick search anymore.


you can install autoderiv plugin from eclipse marketplace or it allows you to create either global(workspace) or per-project .derived files in which you can specify which files/folders should be marked as derived.

here's a sample config file (taken from plugin's homepage):

# set the 'target' and 'ext' folders as derived
# but don't affect the 'keep' sub-folder
# all files with a '.dep' extension are generated
src/include/version.h # this specific file is also generated.


go to add resource filter preferences dialog:

go to projectpropertiesresourceresource filters

click add filter...

then fill the options:

filter type:

()exclude all

applies to:


[x] all children (recursive)

filter and folder attributes:

name - matches - [target]

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