It's a failure in Eclipse.

Try to uninstall it then download it from:

and install it.


Try this from the Eclipse marketplace 1. Click Help>Eclipse marketPlace (Eclipse marketPlace dialog box will open) 2. Type the name of your plugin (ex: type SWT Designer) in the find edit box, make sure to keep default values for All markets and all categories, and click go button. 3. The page will refresh and display all plugins that have swt designer in their name. 4. Click intsall or update button on the one that fits your needs. 5. The installation or update will be done successfully. 6. Restart your eclipse 7. The installation will be fine.


File will be downloaded for google, and it can be placed in eclipse/plugin/org.aspectj.weaver_1.8.10.201704242114.jar
can be replaced with older jar can be solved for your problem...........


Recently i had this issue & i did a few workaround to make things right,

Drag and dropped from official page, normally eclipse restarts after the download, and a pop-up will ask us to select the svn connectors from list. but that didn't happened to me.

  1. Install svn Plugin. (By drag and drop or install new software or any)

  2. After this goto window->preferences->Team->svn

  3. select Connector Tab and click Get connectors Button then the prompt will appear select any one connector to get it done (i use NativeHL 1.8).


I solved this problem by editing the artifacts.xml.

  1. Close Eclipse.
  2. Edit the artifacts.xml.
  3. Find and delete previous entries related to the plugin you are trying to install.
  4. Save artifacts.xml.

After this you should be able to start Eclipse normally and install your plugin.


I tried many solution from here including the one which says removing artifacts.xml and try installing with opening software with Run as Administrator also tried to install from the Help option "Install new software" none of this worked for me.

Then I updated to the latest version of JDK and it worked perfectly. I hope this help you.

Thanks. Vijay P.


I ran across this problem while updating eclipse's internal software. I discovered that the jar file (found in the error details) in the eclipse plugins directory was corrupted (7-Zip was unable to inspect its contents). I redownloaded and manually replaced this file with one downloaded from their site, and I was then able to install the software without an issue. Hope this helps :)

(If it was a different JAR file for you, you can click "show directory contents" on this page and download the one you need.)


The reason for this error is typically a damaged jar in the bundle pool. You can fix this without manually editing files:

  • run the Eclipse installer ("Oomph")
  • select "Bundle pools" from the menu
  • hit the "Analyze agent" button
  • wait until the column "Damaged Artifacts" doesn't show a percent number anymore (scanning has finished)

You can now filter the bottom view to show only damaged artifacts, and choose to either delete or repair them (repair means to download them again from the Internet).


I installed E4 RCP Patch(bugzillas 445122)(Install new software -> Eclipse 4.4.1 Patches for bug 445122) and this helped me.


Run Eclipse as an administrator, then try to install the plugin again via help->Install New Software. it worked for me


  1. Remove the artifacts.xml from the folder.

  2. Keep a copy of it in some other location (preferably external devices such as pendrive or hard disks etc).

  3. Restart Eclipse.

  4. Install the software plugin you want to install (it will ask for permission again).

  5. After installation paste the artifacts.xml file back into the eclipse folder.

  6. Restart eclipse and set the SDK location.

  7. Code to death!!! ;p


OK finally i found the solution for solve this problem. I don't know why Eclipse is showing me this error and i don't know if this is the best solution. I solve my problem with delete the artifacts.xml file in Eclipse root directory.

After deleting this file try to install that plugin again but this time after few second everything completes and works perfectly.

UPDATE: If you get that error again then just go to Eclipses' root directory and search for "artifacts.xml" and delete all the files is in the result ;)

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