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i ran into a similar issue today and found that this question also has recently been asked and answered at the atlassian forum as well. my solution was to install slf4j based on guidelines from this blog post about "slf4j logging in eclipse plugins".

to extract, here is what i did:

  1. eclipse -> help -> install new software
  2. add a new software site:
  3. expand "maven osgi-bundles" and select "slf4j-api"
  4. click "next" and follow the installation.

after the installation has completed (and eclipse has been restarted) i was then able to install the maven plugin.


some of the other answers in this thread now contain links to offical package repositories. i haven't tested if they are working, but if you would prefer to use an official repository, now you know where to find them :)


the reason maven can't resolve slf4j is because maven can't find it in available software site. that is why the suggestion of @lasse to use another software site works. i would like to point out that the basic root cause is because the atlassian documentation is out-of-date now. so we can just use the latest version of maven. reference: maven for eclipse (m2e) installation error


i had this problem with the latest version of eclipse indigo 64bit. i solved installing the latest version of eclipse juno 64bit.


you can find the org.slf4j.api 1.6.4/1.7.2 on the orbit repository, which is more reliable than other third party repositories.


if you're using eclipse indigo -- it seems to be missing many files. if you download eclipse kepler it seems to have the files that are lacking in indigo. may suggest to switch.


this is because maven 1.5 is not compatible with current eclipse version. so we need to use maven 1.4 or 1.3

steps to install maven 1.4 is below

1)click help in eclipse

2)install new software

3)url for the location of site is ""

4)uncheck the checkbox "show only the latest versions of available software" if do not uncheck the checkbox it will only latest version and do not show maven 1.4.

5)select m2e and slf4j of 1.4 version and click next.


that mean the folder eclipse/plugins missing "org.slf4j.api_1.6.4.v20120130-2120.jar", so you need copy the file to eclipse/plugins!


ubuntu 13.04, eclipse 3.8.1. for step 3 all i had to do was add the main juno download site: and m2e can be installed from there.


using helios, and i used this repository to download maven integration for eclipse with no problems.


plugin team has created a fix for m2e 1.4 & eclipse indigo (with this precision : indigo is no longer officially supported for m2e) :

p2 repository :

reference : m2e-users mailing list


use the software update site as that worked for me and got away with the exact same error message.

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