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i think the "other -> show context actions" is very close to ctrl+1 in eclipse.


try pressing ctrl + alt + v.

it will give the return type exactly of that method.


ctrl + 1 was one of my favorite shortcuts but unfortunately there is no exact equivalent shortcut for that. you can search for quick fix in: file-->settings-->keymap, but you'll find nothing.

although many people would say alt + enter is the nearest answer. but i think there are better equivalents such as ctrl+alt+shift+t. it will give you some magic options.

you can also remap it to ctrl + 1 by going to:


enter image description here


i also don't think ctrl+enter is the answer.

i'd say ctrl+alt+shift+t (refactor this...) which i remapped to ctrl+1 is the closest thing to ctrl+1 from eclipse. it allows you to inline, extract code (variable, method, field etc.), move code, pull members etc.


personally i don't think altenter is particularly correct. ctrl1 does lots of code generation like generating local variables given a method call etc.

ctrlaltv ... generates a local variable

ctrlaltf ... generate a field

altinsert ... generate (drop down menu to generate all sorts)

now, unrelated to the question but maybe helpful and in the same ball park is that the "foreach" short cut in intellij is iter rather than for.

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