my problem was solved this way: go to window -> preferences -> general -> keys

and look at the "scheme:" control. change it to "default". if only that doesnt do it for you, in the field "binding:" leave it blank.

for me it worked.


based on the link posted by david99world

changing perspective and going back does also solve this, that does looks like is a focus problem.


this is a bug in eclipse juno, restarting eclipse does solve it temporarily, i'll try an dig out the bug report.

bug report

comment from bug description...

i am also facing a lot of problems regarding the keyboard shortcuts. the issue is intermittent and all of a sudden most of the key board shortcuts(specifically f3, ctrl+d, ctrl+o ) stop working unless i restart my ide.


my problem was solved when i restored defaults values of my keys.
go to window -> preferences -> general -> keys.
then, click restore defaults button at the bottom, and restart eclipse.
i am using eclipse juno.

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