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check this open source plugin which is build by palantir.


until a specific plugin is implemented, if you are adventurous enough, you might try and just use jsdt and associate *.ts files with the javascript editor. if you get javascript validation errors, disable the javascript validator under project > properties > builders. for automatic typescript compiling, you can set up an external builder as described here or here. my settings:

  • main
    • location: /usr/local/bin/tsc
    • working directory: ${build_project}
    • arguments: ${build_files:f}
  • refresh
    • refresh resources upon completion: checked
    • the folder containing the selected resource
  • environment
    • path = /user/local/bin
  • build options
    • allocate console: checked
    • run the builder: during auto builds
    • specify resources: a folder that contains *.ts files


looks like the beta of an eclipse typescript plugin was uploaded on aug 7 2013. i haven't had a chance to try it out yet but it looks promising.


orion (the web based eclipse ide) would be a good fit. it is already using nodejs, so it would be easier to incorporate tsc and the language services. right now they already support javascript including some type inference. i understood typescript is on their radar.


this question was asked the day typescript was released, so as of today (oct 2nd 2012), there is no support. having said that, the xtext team -- a team responsible for rapidly creating dsls -- is aware of typescript and i wouldn't be surprised if they do something.

another place to look is microsoft. depending on what their motivation is with typescript, they may push for an eclipse project (although i doubt it).

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